an experimental project aimed at making home cultivation of microgreens easy, fun and beautiful.

Slow down

The underlying vision of the project is communication and belongingness.

It is not only about cultivating food but about cultivating relationships  through communication.

When you think of the home it should be a sanctuary where we can slow down.

Seaweed gel

In Season the plant grows in seaweed gel which contains all the nutrition that the plants needs and there is no need for watering the plant over the cultivation period.

Seaweed powder

It is possible to freeze dry seaweed gel which reduces the weight and volume. The grower only needs to pour water over the seaweed powder and sow the seeds.


The seaweed gel is made out of brown seaweed which is a local material.

The majority of soil used for professional and home cultivation in Iceland is imported so a lot of energy is required for transport.


Brynja Þóra Guðnadóttir

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